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Cartoon Animated Squirrel 30 Animations with Props 3D Model

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Cartoon Animated Squirrel 30 Animations with Props 3D Model consist of following 7 models: Cartoon Animated Squirrel, Cartoon Tree With Hollow, Cartoon Grass, Cartoon Acorn, Cartoon Pine Cone, Cartoon Hazelnut, and Cartoon Walnut.

All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format. The model is completely ready for visualization in any 3d software and engine. All models share the same style.

Technical details:

- File formats included in the package are: FBX, GLB, ABC, DAE, OBJ, PLY, STL, BLEND, UnityPackage
- Native software file format: BLEND
- Render engine: Eevee
- Squirrel - Polygons: 2,164, Vertices: 1,761
- Tree with Hollow - Polygons: 432, Vertices: 405
- Grass - Polygons: 1,392, Vertices: 3,159
- Acorn - Polygons: 480, Vertices: 482
- Pine Cone - Polygons: 2,336, Vertices: 2,650
- Hazelnut - Polygons: 544, Vertices: 514
- Walnut - Polygons: 384, Vertices: 386
- Textures (for each model): Color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, AO
- All textures are 2k resolution.
- The squirrel model is rigged and animated.
- 30 animations are included: idle, idle (eating), idle (holding), talk, sing, walk, run (on all 4), run (on 2 legs), stumble and fall after running on 2 legs, stumble and fall after walking, get up after stumble and fall, dance, jump, swim, climb, idle (fight), defend, squat, boxing, karate kick with left leg, karate kick with right leg, fight dance hit, jump hit, start flying, fly, end flying/land, frightened, sleep, look around, hide behind the tree.
Only following formats contain rig and animation: BLEND, FBX, GLTF/GLB, UnityPackage