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Sextant 3D Model

**Fun fact:** The first sextant was made in 1759 by John Bird, one of the most famous craftsman of mathematical instruments. Unlike most modern navigation tools such as GPS, the sextant doesn't require any electrical power to function, meaning they still serve as a great reserve navigational tool on board ships to this day. When translated from Latin it means "sixth part" because the shape of the instruments arc is one sixth of a circle. The term is also used to include other similar reflecting instruments such as the quadrant - used to measure angles up to 90 degrees - as well as the quadrant, quintant, and octant.

All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format. The model is completely ready for use visualization in any 3d software and engine.

**Technical details:**

- A transparency map is included for the glass material. White color is glass, black is nonglass(can be inverted if needed).
- **File formats** included in the package are: **FBX, OBJ, ABC, DAE, GLB

Sextant 3D Model